Peter Thomas
Living Wood

Wood Turning

Peter and Trevor only use locally grown wood from trees that have either died, been storm damaged, thinnings from new plantings, or salvaged from tree surgery.

The most stunning pieces that Peter and Trevor make are from wood which is malformed or diseased. Peter and Trevor strive to to showcase the wonderful effects that are bestowed by Nature, and very rarely have a preconceived idea as to what will be made, working with the wood to hi-light the beauty within.

The following series of photos give a small insight into the steps gone through to produce a piece from log to finished article.

Wood Turning - Monkey Puzzle

From block to natural edge bowl. 59 cm x 35 cm

Wood Turning - Buckthorn

This insignificant log of Buckthorn yielded eight small decorative pieces highlighting the exquisite grain and colourful  nature of the wood.

Wood Turning - Field Maple

Deeply fissured trunk - 24 x 16cm

Wood Turning - Gorse

Occasionally when clearing patches of gorse , pieces large enough to turn can be found. On turning they reveal a very intricate and unusual grain pattern .

Wood Turning - Large Oak Burr

212 kg. Oak Burr, half of which yielded a nest of three bowls (using  Kell McNaughton bowl saver), plus six smaller pieces from the off cuts. All inlaid with brass in the burr voids.

Wood Turning - Oak Gall

Vase Inlaid with Brass - 30cm x 20cm

Wood Turning - Spalted Beech Urn

38 kg. Block, turned after using hoist to mount on lathe. Final size 79 cm. X 34 cm. Finished with three coats of Danish Oil.

Wood Turning - Tulip Tree

Shallow dish showing burred areas. Finished with food safe oil - 45 x 35cm

Woodturning - Cherry Root Burr

Three slices taken from ground level to just below. Four bowls / platters turned as mementos of clients four children’s playground tree. Average diameter 52 cm. shakes inlaid with brass.