Peter Thomas
Living Wood

Stick Making

As a family tradition from Peters farming days Peter Thomas also make traditional shepherds’ crooks, working and walking sticks, again using locally sourced materials, ie. rams horn, deer antler and shafts from the hedgerow. 

Shafts are cut in winter and seasoned for a year before being straightened, either by steaming or careful use of a hot air gun. Species commonly used are hazel, blackthorn and ash. Occasionally dogwood, gorse, crab apple and sweet chestnut are used. BUT all are locally sourced with 95% being cut by myself.

The shaft is then fitted with a top - either a natural top or antler or with rams or cow horn. In all cases the head is fitted onto the shaft and in addition a steel pin is inserted to give additional strength. 

Stick Making

Stages in making a crook from cow and water buffalo horn.