Peter Thomas
Living Wood


Statement piece , Ash hollow form. 23cm W x12 cm H

A decorative hollow form with a story to tell!!

Initial inspection of this unworked log almost consigned it to the fire .BUT I realised that the log encapsulated the whole history of the tree.

Very closely spaced growth rings , showed slow growth , meaning harsh conditions and poor soil , while the very dark heart wood indicated either mineral or trace element deficiencies.

Attacked by a Canker causing fungus ,producing necrotic areas , either killed the tree or would have done so eventually.

The small area of pale sap wood showed tenacity and a desire to hold onto life.

After death ,  cracks developed as stress was created by drying , whilst at the same time becoming home to wood boring insects

So that this small piece has a story to tell. Coloured  inside with Matt black finish to emphasise the outside with all the above effects.





Price: £120.00


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