Peter Thomas
Living Wood


Ash bowl with character 21 cm x 14 cm.

 A modest bowl from an Ash tree which died.

Turned and left in its natural state , purposely , in order to demonstrate the history of this tree.

 Closely spaced growth rings indicating life in very poor soil , hence slow growth. In excess of 80 rings emphasise this.Very dark heart wood often caused by mineral deficiency in the soil. A small area of pale sap wood showing determination to hang onto life in spite of a fungal canker attack which causes necrotic areas and eventually kills the tree. Finally stress cracks as the dead tree dried and became infested with wood boring insects.

Now given another life that could well be longer than it's first.

All this encapsulating the life of the tree.

Interior coloured Matt black in order to contrast with the many features mentioned above.

Price: £110.00


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