Peter Thomas
Living Wood

The Livingwood Shop.

Showcasing and making available for the public to buy , this shop is designed to illustrate the award winning work of Peter and Trevor.

Their individual work being identified by the capital  and  respectively with the product image.

Their constant enjoyment and pleasure is gained from the beauty of the wood of our local trees and Nature's bounty, highlighted within, and normally not seen. This  is revealed by turning the organic and functional forms that are in this shop, all of which are totally unique and unrepeatable.

They are both dedicated to sharing and promoting this, very often undervalued and unseen beauty , that is a part of our wonderful countryside heritage .

In addition to woodturning, the heritage craft of " stick dressing " is practised by Peter, as a carryover from his farming days when countrymen invariably made their  own shepherds crooks and walking sticks.

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Turned Wood Only Working And Walking Sticks Only