Peter Thomas
Living Wood

Welcome to Peter Thomas Living Wood

Based in the West Dorset countryside, in the village of Rampisham, Peter Thomas's workshop and gallery are centred in and around a 17th Century thatched cottage.

A retired farmer, he took up woodturning as a hobby using locally sourced timber which is either dead, storm-damaged, thinnings or from hedgerows.

As an award-winning exhibitor at numerous shows, His passion is turning natural-edged organic forms designed to highlight the varied colours and natural markings within the wood.

His mission in life is to make people aware of the diverse beauty & variety of our natural species, highlighting nature’s magic, without having to import timber, often from a non-sustainable source.

Peter Thomas, Living Wood can be visited at any time by prior notice to view the Gallery and in his workshop. 

He regularly takes part in Somerset and Dorset Art Weeks & belong to the Direct From Dorset accreditation scheme run by Dorset County Council Trading Standards as well as the Guild of Master Craftsmen.  

Peter is also a member of the Dorset Coppice Group whose aim is to raise the profile of local coppiced woodland and the variety of products it can provide: hurdles, thatching spars, besom brooms, rustic garden furniture, polelathe made chairs, turnery & charcoal.  

As a family tradition from his farming days he also makes traditional shepherds’ crooks, working and walking sticks, again using locally sourced materials, ie. rams horn, deer antler and shafts from the hedgerow.