Peter Thomas
Living Wood

Exhibitions and Shows

COVID -19 , latest news . 4th.  MAY.

 Work continues , and because some  planned shows and exhibitions have been cancelled , we have now opened an ONLINE SHOP, ( see drop down menu) .


IN ADDITION, in light of the easing of  COVID rules our gallery and workshop are once again open ,observing social distancing and the wearing of face masks .


GIVING the public the opportunity to purchase , both in person or remotely, the unique pieces that we produce , as a way of promoting and highlighting the wondrous beauty of our local trees.


In these difficult times we find it reassuring and comforting to know that Nature is still able to offer solace by way of allowing us to share her bounty in the form of the products we make.

APRIL 14th..reopening,

                                   Trevor , Gallery of Makers, Redlands Yard, Broadwindsor, DT8 3PX

APRIL 14th. reopening,

                                    Peter , Artisans Bazaar ,Sculpture by the Lakes, Pallington , DT2 8QU

MAY 22nd.- JUNE 6th.

                                     Peter and Trevor , Dorset Art Weeks , DT2 0PT 

SEPT 8th. -OCT 3rd.

                                    Peter and Pauline Rook. Somerset Open Studios , Lopen TA13 5JX