Peter Thomas
Living Wood

Welcome to Peter Thomas and Trevor Ball Living Wood

Based in a picturesque valley in west Dorset , the village of Rampisham is home to wood turner and stick dresser Peter Thomas, and woodturner Trevor Ball.

Both retired, Peter a farmer and Trevor a gamekeeper/woodsman, they started woodturning as a means of being able to showcase, and make people more aware of, the beauty of timber from local sustainably grown trees.

Always seeking to find unusually grown, dead or diseased wood, they work with it, allowing the character of the wood to develop and express itself. This produces unique pieces that highlight the wondrous beauty bestowed by Nature and which is normally hidden within.

The organic and reactive behaviour of wood gives rise to the use of the title “Livingwood”, as for both Peter and Trevor it is a unique undervalued material that never dies.

Their work is prizewinning and exhibited throughout the South West.

Both belong to Dorset Visual Arts, Somerset Art Works, Dorset Arts and Crafts Association, and The Dorset Coppice Group.

Normally a gallery and the workshops are open, by appointment, to the public year round, however due to Covid - 19 for the time being  these are now closed. However by visiting the ONLINE SHOP  ( see the drop down menu) , all their products are still available to buy.

Peter,  from his farming days, also practises the heritage craft of stick dressing producing walking and working sticks, using rams ,cow and water buffalo horn together with deer antler and natural wood handles.